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Heritage Walk  |  Babur ki Aulad

Heritage Walk


'The students of Heritage Club of D.P.S Mathura Road being accompanied by Ms.S.Satpathy and Ms.Mala Chawla in collaboration with INTACH went for a heritage walk in Lodhi Garden on 3rd May,2011 . The resource person Ms. Chandrika introduced various tombs like Mhmd. Shah Tomb, Bada Gumbad Mosque etc. and highlighted the architectural features and history attached to them. The students also identified various flora, butterflies and birds seen in the garden. There was a questionnaire session in which the students enthusiastically participated. They also drew pictures and filled up the information handouts. It was a great learning experience for the students.



Babur ki Aulad


'Sons of Babur', a gripping theatre debut by Salman Khurshid reflects on the idea of national identity. The play was staged for staff members of all dps in and around Delhi. The play is an artistic account of important historical events and our collective future, giving a historical theme, a contemporary flavour and relevance.


In 'Sons of Babur' we see an amalgamation of past and present through the encounter of Rudranshu Sen Gupta with Bahadur Shah Zafar. It is an objective glimpse into the Mughal rule, incorporating its highs and lows. It juxtaposes Akbar's all encompassing world view with Aurangzeb's rigidity and narrow mindedness; Mughal benevolence with cruelty; ambition with ability to unite.


The play explores and very effectively tackles the identity crisis in the lives of the sons of Babur and at another level searches for the true identity of India. It ends on a positive note asserting that all cultures find a niche in India's multi-faceted cultural mosaic. It is also a subtle assertion that the Muslims have identified themselves completely with India - obvious through Bahadur Shah Zafar's pining for Hindustan.


The play is a well researched creative work of art. It is an honest, aesthetic account of the past historical events which nudges the audience into thinking anew of our past and present.


'Babur ki Aulad' the Hindustani version has been ably translated by Athar Farouqui. The play has been directed well by Dr. Sayeed Alam and has superb acting by Tom Alter in its lead role as Bahadur Shah Zafar. The imaginative dialogue poignantly captures the misery of the last Emperor, languishing in exile, yearning for his beloved Hindustan.


The playwright and the cast were felicitated by Mr. Ashok Chandra, Chairman DPS Society and Admiral MM Chopra, Chairman DPS Mathura Road and Vice Chairman DPS Society. Mr. Ashok Chandra described the play as bringing out the emotions and the unity our country deserves. The play had been organised by DPS Mathura Road for the teaching faculty of Delhi Public Schools.




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